Computer Science

About Computer Science

Computer science ranges from theory through programming to development of cutting-edge computing solutions. Computer science offers a foundation that permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas.

In Computer Science, your time is spent solving problems, testing approaches, and researching solutions

The work of computer scientists falls into four categories:

  • The Designing and implementation of new software
  • Devising new and better ways to use computers. This refers to innovation in the application of computer technology in areas such as robotics, computer vision, or digital forensics
  • The Developing effective ways to solve computing problems
  • The planning and managing organizational technology infrastructure
Careers Paths in Computer Science

  • Database administrator
  • Games developer
  • Computer Network Operations
  • Information Systems Security
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • IT consultant
  • Systems analyst
  • Information Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Database Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Real-time Interfaces
  • Information Resource Management
  • Systems developer
  • Executive Support
  • Graphics
  • Web Design
Common employers
  • IT consultancies
  • IT service providers
  • financial services
  • retail chains
  • public sectors
  • Software/ hardware manufacturers
  • Organizations such as banks, insurance companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Graphic design firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Test Development companies
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